Wanna be Kept Up-to-Date With all the Latest News on Your Digicel Mobile Phone?

Now There is a Way...

Introducing digiINFO - the WIRELESS way to keep informed!
Fast and easy you have the information you need at your fingertips. On the road and want to know the latest Rugby or Netball news? digiINFO!
Going route to the airport and want to check the latest weather in Auckland? digiINFO!

digiINFO provides you with all this information and more. Choose from a menu that includes: News headlines , Sports, Lotto , Local and International weather. It's now available on digiINFO.

So How Does it Work?

It couldn't be easier. Just send a digiTEXT!
  • FROM your phone menu SELECT "Messages"
  • SELECT Edit or Write Message
  • Type in the key word for the information you want, e.g., for international news headlines , type BBC.
  • Just send this message to 4636 (on INFO on your keypad)

And that's it! You'll get the text with the information you asked for.

Can I register to get an DigiINFO text every day?

Yes! Just add the letter ‘R before the keyword .e.g. RBBC

To stop , just add x’ ‘ before the keyword e,g, XBBC

The content of some information you request may require the service to send you more than one text for the information to be complete, e.g. Jokes and International Sports. It will still only cost you 50 sene for your request.