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Topping Up

Credit U

Share your Digicel credit on your mobile with friends or family with a Digicel mobile.

  1. Enter *128*[the receiver's number] * [the amount you want to send] # and press send
    e.g *128*7772251*10# (to send $10 to 7772251)

Instantly credit is sent directly from your Digicel mobile to any friend's or family's Digicel prepaid phone.
Both Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers can send credit with Credit U, but only Digicel prepaid customers can receive credit this way.

  • Prepaid customers can send up to fourteen (14) free Credit Me messages per week, when their credit balance is less than $5.00  
  • Minimum amount transferred in a Credit U transaction is $1.00
  • Credit U requests are subject to a $0.10 service fee per transfer which is deducted from the sender's mobile credit
  • The resulting balance after each CreditU transfer must not be less than $5.00 for prepaid customers and $10.00 for postpaid subscribers.


Flexcard Top Up Instructions

To top up your Digicel FLEX account:

  1. Enter *121* [Voucher number] #
  2. Press SEND and check the screen on your phone for confirmation.

To check your balance:

  1. Enter *120#
  2. Press SEND and check the screen on your phone for your balance.

To check service or airtime expiry:

  1. Enter *124#
  2. Press SEND and check the screen on your phone for airtime expiry

For 24 hour Customer Care dial 123 for Free from your Digicel Mobile or 800-DIGI (800-3444) from a landline phone.

Card Value (VAGST included) Expiration Date
$5.00 30 days after date of top-up
$10.00 30 days after date of top-up

We will continue to expand our recharge options with new and innovative products. 

Top Up Online

Purchase a Digicel Samoa top-up for yourself or your family in Samoa using ezetop – go here

Registration is fast and free, and all mobile credit is delivered instantly straight to the phone – it could not be easier.