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Public Service Announcements

Pursuant to an instruction issued by the Office of the Regulator in its letter to Digicel dated 1 July 2011, Digicel advises that the Orders of the Regulator that were relevant to the public announcements made by Digicel and which appeared in the Samoa Observer on 28 June 2011 were Orders of the Regulator 2010/02 and 2011/01.  Digicel was also instructed by the Office of the Regulator to “clarify that the retail rate of 25 sene which was approved by the Regulator was the result of a request from Digicel for Regulatory approval of that 25 sene rate” and, accordingly, Digicel hereby does so.  In making these statements that have been instructed by the Office of the Regulator Digicel records that it makes no admission with respect to any asserted non-compliance with any Order of the Regulator and reserves all of its rights in this regard.