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Becoming a customer

What is Digicel Prepaid?

A Prepaid customer pays for the usage of the network before they start to use it, i.e. once you have bought a Digicel Flex Card (top up cards) you will only need to buy and replenish Flex Cards to remain on the network. You pay for calls as they are made, as the cost of the call is deducted from the available credit in the card.

What is Digicel Postpaid?

A Postpaid customer pays for the service after they have used it, i.e. calls made throughout the month are billed at the end of the month. Digicel Postpaid customers will receive a monthly bill. You must bring a valid photo identification (ie. driver’s license or your passport) to sign up.
If you have an unlocked phone that operates on a 900 MHz GSM network then you can purchase a Digicel SIM only pack from Digicel.