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September 19th 2012 - ENCHANTED WINNER OF $10,000 IN TOP UP AND WIN


Digicel presents fourth $10,000 winner in the village of Paia, Savaii


Tuesday 18thof September, Paia, Savaii - The enchanting village of Paia in the bigisland of Savaii, where the mythical location of Samoa’s Dwarves Caves was thesetting of the fourth $10,000 winner in Digicel’s Top Up and Win, won bygrandmother Mrs Menime Sooalo.

The fourth presentation of $10,000 by Epati Tamati stirredmuch suspense in Savaii as the morning radio waves announced that Digicel wasto arrive in Savaii to present the latest winner. From the wharf in Salelologa,the market place and along the drive towards the north west coast towardsManase, families and crowds had spotted the red Digicel truck and waved, eagerfor the truck to stop at their homes to reward them as the latest Top Up &Win winner. After passing the populatedSafotu, morning village life became quieter, families returned to their daily duties and the buzz of Top Up & Winalmost seemed a foreign idea.  As Digiceldrove inland towards the enchanting village of Paia, marked only with the sign “DwarvesCaves”  the few scattered members of thevillage all came to a standstill, the few passing cars stopped as Digicelparked in front of the humble home of the winner to present her with $10,000cash.

“Thank you so much Digicel, I had listened to the Radio thismorning and they had said that a lucky winner was to be from Savaii for$10,000, I never imagined that Digicel would have chosen me! I am so thankfuland I can’t imagine what I may have done to deserve this but all glory to God”

When presented the winning cash by Epati, Menime was askedwhy she had enjoyed using Digicel as her service provider “Thank you Epati,when Digicel arrived in Samoa, my son had bought me a phone so he can keep incontact with me from Upolu as he is living with the family of his wife, most ofthe time I use my Digicel phone for Digicel Mobile Money, my children send memoney from New Zealand and Australia and they send it straight to my phonewhere I save my money in and the most important thing is keeping in contactwith my children and grandchildren who are the most important people in my life”says a teary Menime. “I am so happy that this is now going to be my offering tothe church in our ‘Taulaga’ because with everything in my life, I am alwaysthankful for the life that God has given me”

When asked for any last words, Menime replied “I thoughtthat Sioeli may have come to present me with a win, he was one of my children(students) and I am always watching him on TXT2Spin” laughs Menime.

Top Up & Win is nearing the end of its promotion timewith one more $10,000 prize and with a final Grand Prize winner of $50,000,with a large amount of $1,000 instant prizes still remaining including manymore consolation prizes. Total prize pool of $250,000 including Cash andPrizes.

All Digicel customers who purchase a $5 Top Up for the monthof September will be eligible for the $10,000 draw and all Digicel customerswho have bought a $5 Top Up since May will be entered into the Grand Prize drawof $50,000.

For more information, please contact customer care for freeon 123 from your Digicel phone.