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June 15th 2011 - News Article

Samoan NPF contributors are the real winners today with Digicel paying $1.15 million tala in interest to SNPF investment CSL Mobile Ltd.

SNPF CEO Faumuina Esther Lameko Poutoa accepted the cheque on behalf of CSL Mobile Limited at the Digicel Samoa Vaimea office.

She says this payment shows how SNPF investments benefit the Samoan labour force as a whole.

“It goes to show the Samoan contributors can trust SNPF with their money.”

“We have invested in a business that now has a proven track record of giving greater returns to the Samoan working public.”

Faumuina says CSL Moblie Ltd wisely invested with a 20 per cent shareholding in Digicel almost five years ago.

“Not only has CSL received its investment back almost in full, they will continue to receive money through their shares which will be returned to SNPF.

“We are proud of our involvement with both these companies.”

Digicel CEO Pepe Christian Fruean says this payment is another example of how Digicel is giving back to the community.

“Four and a half years ago we started out on a journey with CSL Mobile Ltd,” he says.

“And we are proud of our continued involvement with them.

“Here at Digicel we truly believe in local investment.

“And as you can see by investing locally SNPF contributing members are the real winners.”

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